Little Bunny Foo Foo

Easter Brunch just got even hoppier.

Hare’s a cocktail I’m hop-timistic you’ll enjoy 🐰 #momjokes Easter edition — ok I’ll stop now. This concoction was created by You & Yours Distillery here in America’s Finest City. This is my favorite watering hole and it’s female owned. I don’t know what it is, but this cocktail is a favorite of mine. I love these flavors, the color is fun, and it packs a bunny kick. Bonus: these ingredients are very healthy so I never feel bad afterwards. Follow me for more health tips! Just kidding once again.

Carrot juice is low in calories and carbs, high in nutrients, good for your vision and boosts immunity

Turmeric root juice is packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and healing compounds for the entire body

Ginger root juice aids digestion, soothes nausea, and boosts sleep

♡ You & Yours Sunday Gin is the best gin I’ve tasted. If you’re unable to acquire, try this Botanical gin bright, citrusy and 100% proven to boost any mood

Click the key words above – they are linked! I made this via “hoption 2” by making the carrot, ginger & turmeric syrup myself, which is the Y&Y way. I purchased the ingredients at Target and Amazon — they’re really delicious. I’m going to make a non-boozy health elixir with the remaining root juice to sip on when I wake up or just before bed.

One thing to note if you make the syrup like I did, it will stay fresh in your fridge for 3 days. I noticed on day 4 the taste was a little flat and not as much kick from the ginger.

Enjoy! I’m sipping this all spring 🥕

See my Instagram Reels tab for a video tutorial

Thanks for sipping with us!

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